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Michael Hanle is the Owner, Founder and CEO of Guidance to Greatness Personal Empowerment Services for which he provides coaching and consulting services that encompass a Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul – "Whole Life" philosophy. Simply put; Michael believes the unique greatness each of us possess cannot be fully expressed if all facets of one's life are not aligned, maintained regularly, and kept free from blocks and barriers. To assist his clients in achieving this goal Michael specializes in not just coaching, but genuinely partnering with his clients to navigate through their "Transition stage" to ultimately reach their "Transformation stage" (or as he refers to it: Igniting their Personal T&T). Understanding that every client, situation and end goal is unique, Guidance to Greatness was designed with this "whole life" philosophy in mind. Offering a wide array of coaching services and techniques both business and personal focused; Michael ultimately guides his clients to the highest level of personal greatness that in the end can only be defined by them. ​ 

Michael is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a certified Gallup Strengths Performance Coach, Personal Empowerment Coach and Marketing Plan Coach/Consultant. With over 10 years of corporate leadership experience in marketing and sales with The Ritz-Carlton Development Company, he has earned valuable expertise and awards for his achievements in team building, strengths-based personal development and cost effective, cohesive marketing plan design.​ 

Most recently, Michael is extremely proud to add the title of international author to his list of accomplishments with the upcoming release of his first co-authored book "Living Without Limitations – 30 Mentors to Rock Your World" set for international release in December. 

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Vicki Newton February 16, 2013 at 5:30 pm

Hi, Mike. This is Amy's mom. We met once in Florida before Amy moved back to South Carolina. Congratulations on starting your business venture. Much success and happiness to you!


Michael February 22, 2013 at 1:51 pm

So nice to hear from you Vicki!! And thank you SO much for the kind words. Of course I remember you from Florida AND from the wedding. I still remember the wedding fondly.. it was such a great time. I hope you are well!!! I try to keep tabs on Amy and Aaron and the kids through Facebook these days. I really hope there will be a time that we can all get together and catch up in person one of these years! Hawaii is a bit far from Atlanta unfortunately, but I won’t give up hope. I’d love to see them again!  :) 


Mahalo again for connecting! ~Michael


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