What can a Marketing Plan do for me?

Well, one common theme you will come to know very quickly through everything I offer here at Guidance to Greatness Personal Empowerment Services is; 
this question begins and ends with you! 

A good marketing plan should be customized to meet your goals in a way that makes you feel comfortable and allows you to shine. It should be created from the inside out so that everything you commit to doing for your business actually brings you a sense of joy! 

A Little introduction from the founder of Marketing Plan Coaching and my partner Lisa Tierney....

Totally customizable

We want your marketing plan to be perfect for you, not us.

        • Executive Summary
        • Professional Profile
        • Strategies
        • Business Opportunity
        • Mission Statement
        • Differentiators
        • Value Proposition 
        • Core Competencies 
        • “Elevator” Speech

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So… how exactly does this work?

Let me explain our process.

At the onset of joining the program, we will get together for our first session and discuss your goals, expectations and the desired outcome you would like to see by the end of our time together. (Believe it or not, these topics differ greatly among clients and you may even be surprised to learn that what you think you want now may even change once we begin to dive into our discussion!)

You will have all the control when it comes to making the commitments in your marketing plan. After all, this is an investment in yourself, your professional experience—in making your dreams come true. And part of that dream is to enjoy yourself while becoming a successful attorney, accountant, engineer, consultant, retailer, writer, presenter, coach--whatever it is that you want to spend your time doing while earning a comfortable living!

I will start by asking you three sets of questions to help you create the Perfect Marketing Plan for you and your business. I will give you a proprietary questionnaire for you to fill out. (You will answer as completely and honestly as you can); however, whatever parts you find difficult or challenging, we will walk through them together. 

The questionnaire consists of primarily three sections:

  1. Where Are You Now?
  2. How Did You Get Here?
  3. Where Would You Like To Go?

This questionnaire isn’t long, but how long it takes for you to complete it depends on a variety of factors—like how in touch you are with what you’d like to achieve in your professional experience. To give you an idea, we’ve had people complete this in as little as 45 minutes and some who have taken 5 hours working with their coach to complete it. When you sign up for the program and schedule three 45-minute one-on-one sessions with Me, you will be given full access to the complete questionnaire. You and I will work together (via telephone and e-mail) conducting independent research in your marketplace on your behalf to complete this process in as little as 6 weeks, scheduling one-hour sessions every 7-10 days until you have completed the questionnaire.

We will also conduct independent research on your behalf in your marketplace. At the end of this 6 week process, I will deliver a well-thought-out marketing plan that provides a clear, specific overview of your business, including:

  • Your core offering
  • Your value proposition
  • Opportunities in your marketplace
  • Your target audience
  • Appropriate venues (such as targeted publications, organizations, conferences, or social media forums)

Click Here to ‘View Sample Marketing Plans’ to see what your marketing plan might look like!

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Click the link above, simply call (267) 420-0907 to speak to your marketing plan coach or e-mail Michael@marketingplancoaching.com


Here’s what a few professionals have said about our customized marketing planning process...

I just got off the phone with one of the manufacturers that was included in my marketing plan. He gave me tons of information plus asked me to submit my idea to him the first week of January - that's when they prepare their new line presentations to clients. My marketing plan coach gave me the push to make the darn call!! Who knows where this will lead?!
~ Anne reviewing Marketing Plan Coaching

Working with my marketing plan coach gave me the boost in confidence I needed. It was a great sense of empowerment to be asked what I wanted to do for a change and then make a plan around it.
~ Michelle reviewing Marketing Plan Coaching

Since working with my coach, I have picked up on a new style of more open communication. I’m asking more open-ended questions and not assuming so much as I did before.
I am realizing how the other side sees things – my clients clearly see things differently than I do. I have stopped talking so much about me and have started to get them to open up more. It’s amazing how many more opportunities I have been able to identify with this new approach.
~ Lori reviewing Marketing Plan Coaching

I have developed a stronger sense of accountability since coming up with my marketing plan. What I find the most encouraging understanding the value of service and how that translates to clients and prospects.
~ Kathy reviewing Marketing Plan Coaching

How Many TImes Have You Said You Need To Start Working On A Plan?


By the time you get your customized marketing plan (6 weeks) it will all make sense.

Your customized marketing plan will deliver:

  • Your Ideal Client/Customer
  • Your Value Proposition
  • Identified Differentiators (to outshine your competition)
  • Daily, weekly or monthly tasks that you can comfortably commit to (no more than 2–5% of your overall time)
  • A means by which you will track your efforts in order to gauge your success so you can focus on (and maximize) what works

A word to the wise

Come to this process open-minded! We have started sessions for people who come with what they think they want to achieve only to realize a totally different slant on their ideal client or uncover a desire to launch a whole new branch of service or product as a result of this exercise. Recently, we started discussions with a professional about a healthcare niche, only to switch over to targeting auto dealerships—much to her relief.

Be careful what you wish for—we will make your dreams come true!


Let's Start On Your Plan TODAY!

Click the link above, simply call (267) 420-0907 to speak to your marketing plan coach or e-mail Michael@marketingplancoaching.com