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~ Kim, HR Professional 

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Michael Hanle has a way of listening beyond my words! He listen's to my soul! He unveils my greatness as I walk the path of my passionate purpose! I am grateful for Michael Hanle's coaching skills today!!
~Julie Corrine, Author / Motivational Speaker / Certified Personal Trainer / Health Coach


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~ Alicia, Internet Marketing Strategist / Spiritual Life Coach



In 1995 I moved to Florida to take care of my mom. To say I HATED Florida, would be an understatement. But I had to go and I had to be there. I met Michael Hanle and he took me on a spiritual journey that has lasted me all these years and then some. He changed my life with patience, love, understanding, caring and getting me to Unity Church. A feat to be sure :). It was a hard time. I remember sitting in the country bar (dear God) and said "I see the number 666 and feel cursed" and you said "there is no such thing darlin" . From there it was a wonderful journey you took me through. It gave me the courage to move, literally, and pursue my dream. I may have had the power, but you certainly helped and guided me in finding it. Congratulations on your business Michael. ~Nadine, Producer / Web Designer / PR Professional / Publicist


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~ Bryan, Sales Professional


"Michael, you have a way of talking to Grandma that helps her understand like no one else can. The way you talk to people just puts them at ease. It's a gift and you need to use it."
~Antoinetta DeSantis, Grandmother / Homemaker




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