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It’s What We Do Here…

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Yes you may have guessed correctly from the greeting Aloha and the images; I come to you from beautiful Maui, Hawaii where I count my blessings every day that I am able to call a place like this home!

I have truly found my place in the world where I feel happy, safe, empowered and totally comfortable and NOW I'd like to think you have found a safe, FUN, comfortable place to start YOUR journey to your own personal empowerment.

And..I think I already know a few questions going through your mind right now so let's just cut to the chase and get to them shall we?



Guidance to Greatness is for those who know they have more to give in life. For those who have felt "stuck" in a rut. For those who know they are more than that person they see in the mirror right now.

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Guidance to greatness is exactly what it promises. It is guidance to your greatness that is hiding under all that "stuff".

The greatness that all of us posess within, but sometimes just need someone to help us uncover it.

Hmmmmm…..A coach – if you will? 

What do all of the best of the best in sports, acting, singing, music, virtually any activity that has people who we consider genius or in some cases virtual "gods" of their chosen field have in common?

You can bet that the majority of them had some type of coach or even multiple coaches in their lifetime!

Why are they any different than us?

They aren't, other than the fact that they somehow recognized a greatness within them, listened to themselves enough to give it a chance and reached out for someone that could help them nurture and perfect it to genius levels. 

We already possess all the answers we are seeking. I am just here to help you navigate through the noise and clutter that has kept you from those answers and in turn, kept you from your greatness. 


We all have a gift to give this world and your gift lies within your greatness. Don't keep the world waiting any longer! 



SIMPLE! Guidance to Greatness is all about utilizing TRANSITION & TRANSFORMATIONAL coaching or for short, "T&T" to blast you through to your own personal GREATness. (Get it?? T&T!) 

The T&T concept begins by acknowledging that something has happened or maybe even that something needs to happen, and TNTthen looking FORWARD and knowing that the past is done.

It's Old news. WHOOP there it goes again…and again…and again. Those moments are gone forever and it's time to focus on the NOW. So essentially Guidance to Greatness- with the mix of T&T, is exactly that…

By acknowledging a transition has taken (or is taking) place and now shifting focus to the transformation stage through our coaching sessions, it becomes your own personal arsenal of T&T.


The point of all this?

TOGETHER we will ignite the fuse of your T&T and blast through all the clutter, noise and barricades so that you can experience, enliven and express YOUR personal GREATness that has been in there all along.

A little cheesey you say?

DEFINITELY (and by design)! But does it work?


All it takes is that first step from you and your total  Willingness, Desire and Commitment to the process.

Are you ready?! Let's give it a whirl! 


Michael is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a certified Gallup Strengths Performance Coach, Personal Empowerment Coach and Marketing Plan Coach/Consultant. With over 10 years of corporate leadership experience in marketing and sales with The Ritz-Carlton Development Company, he has earned valuable expertise and awards for his achievements in team building, strengths-based personal development and cost effective, cohesive marketing plan design.​ 

Most recently, Michael is extremely proud to add the title of international author to his list of accomplishments with the upcoming release of his first co-authored book "Living Without Limitations – 30 Mentors to Rock Your World" set for international release in December. 


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