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Guidance to Greatness Coaching Programs


Our Specialized Greatness Programs are designed to meet the specific needs and personality styles of our Guidance to Greatness Clients, we know that every client is unique and our programs are here to fulfill whatever need or goal that is important to them. Whether it be in the Whole Life Category like our Personal Empowerment Program or upcoming "Ignite Your Personal T&T" program the Business Category with our Marketing Plan Coaching Program or encompassing both Whole Life and Business with our "Rock Your Strengths, Rock Your Life" Program, we have the right choice for you!



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Personal Empowerment Program


For the serious and committed! Designed to be used over a 36 or 12 month period, this program would be ideal for those who are in the midst of, or about to make a major transition in their life such as starting/expandingbusiness, overcoming personal blocks and mind-clutter or have the desire to achieve a huge goal that will require time, persistence, dedication and commitment.

The Empowerment Program provides laser focus on:

  • Clarity of Purpose and Direction
  • Clarifying and Dissolving any Fears or Blocks that may be hindering forward movement
  • Goal Setting
  • Accountability for Set Deadlines
  • Brainstorming Business and Marketing Ideas
  • Implementing Structure and a Clear Action Plan
  • Non-Judgmental Support and Encouragement to Break Through the Clutter and Get The Work Done!

How awesome will it be to have a coach along with you the entire way helping you stay on track and focused on your goal. Trust me.. it makes all the difference in the world! How do I know? I am living it and it has been the best decision I ever made in my life!


Marketing Plan Coaching Program 

A good marketing plan should be customized to meet your goals in a way that makes you feel comfortable and allows you to shine. It should be created from the inside out so that everything you commit to doing for your business actually brings you a sense of joy! 

We want your marketing plan to be perfect for you, not us:

  • Executive Summary
  • Professional Profile
  • Strategies
  • Business Opportunity
  • Mission Statement
  • Differentiators
  • Value Proposition 
  • Core Competencies 
  • “Elevator” Speech

​How Many Times Have You Said You Need To Start Working On A Plan? Are you ready to take action and gain a partner to hold you accountable and help you clearly plan out your "perfect" plan? Let's get started! We can have a plan in your hands and begin growing your business with your ideal clients in as little as 6 weeks!!

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Ignite Your Personal T&T Program


Our newest program (coming soon) will offer an exciting combination of self paced discovery modules and one-on-one coaching sessions that in the end will result in you not only igniting your life, but igniting YOUR WORLD!

Update: I am very excited to announce that I will be showcasing this program in the upcoming internationally published book entitled "Living Without Limitations ~ 30 Mentors to Rock Your World" slated for release in December! 


Rock Your Strengths, Rock Your Life

(New Program Coming Soon!) Focus on your top priorities professionally and personally to empower you to be the visionary leader you need to be to save time and make more money.

Individualized strategies that are tailored to fit your unique talents so you can maximize, monetize, and mobilize your strengths.

Achieve big hairy audacious goals to stay ahead of the competition, win in work and life with your standout strength roles, and create a championship legacy of love, leadership, and wealth.

How long do people generally work with a Life Coach? 

To experience the effectiveness and the true and tangible benefits of a life coaching program, I highly suggest my GREATness clients make an initial three-month commitment (6-8 sessions, with a minimum of two sessions a month). Aside from our regular "check-in's" at the beginning of each session, we will evaluate progress and discuss feelings and options for continued coaching after the three month period (or the final session) is completed. Think about it, do you think Michael Jordan became who he was by getting coached once? Most times than not there are REAL blocks and hurdles that have been built over years of self doubt and fear – among other things. We CAN and WILL blast through those hurdles, but you have to realize that it can take some time. Part of your commitment is giving yourself enough time to truly blast through!  


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20 min "Try-All"  GREATness Session
(First Time G2G clients only please)

Last, but not least! For those of you that are still not quite sure…..You have nothing to lose with a free 20 minute "Try-All" session. It is designed specifically for those like you who truly want to take the first step, but are not sure if coaching will do it for you. Also, it is an opportunity to "feel it out" and see if my gleaming personality fits your style. <Enter BIG GRIN here> Truly no pressure, NO obligations and NO worries. Hopefully you will even get a bonus and feel a little of the Maui Aloha coming your way!!




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